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It stands. Anyway, your posts are appreciated and I think, honest from your perspective and i thank you for them. Because of your strength of both character and mind, you have provided your daughters with the most important thing IMO a child can see: a strong parent. I do not know if this matters one iota in your world but Bravo from crookedshoes and I am sure many many others here.

Respectfully, Jim Report abuse. I admire your courage. So happy for you and your girls. It simply amazes me that anyone follows these ridiculous rules. I took a look around the linked web site and found one instance of breathtaking made-up idiocy after another. These are perhaps best represented by this: Wait required after bowel movement? Question: With regards to finding a kesem on toilet paper, I was wondering if the rule of waiting more than 15 seconds only applies after urinating or for a bowel movement as well?

Thank you Answer: It applies specifically after urinating, as urinating may mask a sensation of menses. In practice, a woman who has a bowel movement after urinating generally waits fifteen seconds for that reason alone. Steve Report abuse. I learnt something new from this post.

It was not, I can say, something I particularly wanted to learn but nevertheless …. Jacob A quick question, do you have actual blood in your veins? As if it were a trip to the dentist, just a little more painful than it should have been. Perhaps you think most women are OK with all of this? Perhaps Katia is just being a little sensitive?

Introduction: Seeing the Swarm

In the context in which it was written, I would be hard put to recount a more callous and cold-blooded statement than this remark of yours. I am neither of these things however, so I ask again, Jacob, do you in fact have veins full of icewater? And for a follow up question do you, in your sick little world, mods sorry — personal attack, I would hope you let this one go , do you, Jacob, actually believe that this is the will of God?

Again — really? Judaism is not the only religion to treat women shamefully and you Jacob certainly and sadly are not the only adherent who believes that this is all correct and proper, that God intended women to be second-class citizens. Katia you have my immense respect. Good luck, and thanks for having the guts to write this. There are positives from each culture and maybe even a few from some religions but this is clearly not one of them. No child is born religious… Report abuse. There has been an obsession with virginity and menstruation in the abrahamic religions that is fanatical, bizarre and perverse.

Now if you think for a moment, if you were the God of everything, would there be any need to state the obvious? I mean, if there was a God of everything then everything would know, instinctively, who this God was. But this comes from the time before Israelite monotheism and the killing off of the other gods and their priests, if you read history rather than listening Bible ranters! Canaanite religion describes the belief systems and ritual practices of the people living in the ancient Levant region throughout the Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Until recently, little was known of these traditions outside of the Hebrew Bible, which denigrated them as idolatrous and licentious. Twentieth century archaeological excavations, however, unearthed several texts, as well as many artifacts, which provided previously unknown details and insights into the nature of Canaanite religion.


Canaanite religious beliefs were polytheistic, with families typically focusing worship on ancestral household gods and goddesses, while honoring major deities such as El, Ashera, Baal, Anat, and Astarte at various public temples and high places. Kings also played an important religious role, especially in certain ceremonies, such as the sacred marriage of the New Year Festival, and may have been revered as gods. The Canaanite pantheon was conceived as a divine clan, headed by the supreme god El; the gods collectively made up the elohim.

Through the centuries, the pantheon of Canaanite gods evolved, so that El and Asherah were more important in earlier times, while Baal and his consorts came to fore in later years. At the very least, every month a Rabbi should bring his dirty panties to a select jury of women within his community, for them to deliberate on the relationship between the color of his discharges and his fitness to serve as judge on the color of their discharges. It would be only fair. First of all, a point of halacha: the stain on the examination cloth doesnt have to be bigger than a penny to make you nidda, nor does it have to be darker than tan.

The tiniest tiniest stain, in any shade of red from light pink to black is considering invalidating. The under-penny-sized stain is acceptable only if seen on a white or light-coloured or coloured pant. This is only a preview of all the complexities of these laws. Is it more orange or red or yellow? A rebbetzin, which studied these matters, is as qualified as anyone to determine the nature of the stain.

In my community, we have a rebbetzin which is very competent and I assure you my community is more of the right-leaning type. My friends and I talk about our yoatzot and no one ever told me hers was telling her that the go-to-a-rabbi being a touchy subject for a bride to be, I would have heard of a yoetzet being that mean with one of my friends. But sex is still a mitsva during pregnancy and after menopause, which are times during which couple dont have these monthly interruptions, and no one seems to be concerned that husband will be disgusted of their wives. I have never been told, in the numerous occasions I have learned about Nidda, that my husband would be disgusted by me if I had too much sex with him.

Nothing, comparing to simply having to put an envelope into a mailbox with your telephone number on it. And the women are totally competent to make legal rulings see Dvora. But if we were considered incompetent to apply the legal rulings made by the heads of our religion, we would have to bring every single one of our bdikot to the rav. Jewish women and men all the time use their judgement to determine if something is permitted or not. So why exactly do you think examining bdikot is any different?

I am an Orthodox Jew, going on 30 years of marriage. My wife and I faithfully observed the laws of taharat hamishpachah family purity from the time of our wedding until she experienced menopause. Neither of us would have had it any other way!

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While the article and some of the responses to it betray an inherent bias against any religious practices, I will nonetheless assay to explain the Jewish perspective. We view the laws of family purity as God-given, no different than the laws of Shabbat, or the laws related to thievery, or the laws related to giving charity! The article criticizes family purity on several grounds, and i will address these: 1. A woman having a discharge of questionable color usually has several options.


Now it may happen that a woman may have to go directly to a rabbi and yes, generally rabbis are the qualified ones, by virtue of their rigorous study of the applicable laws. Life is sometimes uncomfortable! But their is nothing sexual about the encounter! Believe me, I have looked at panties and cloths, and it is not at all arousing!

The perverted ones are the commenters who somehow want to see sex in everything. Which leads me to point two:. Yes, this is not well known, but in the times of the Temple in Jerusalem, the laws of purity and impurity had ramifications for men and women.

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Certain penile discharges also had to be viewed and evaluated. Today the male aspect is moot, and it will remain so until the rebuilding of the Temple, but back in the day, this was an everyday occurrence.

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It may not have been a comfortable experience, but again, life is not always comfortable. It seems that Aryeh has decided for herself that no logical woman would accept these laws. I challenge readers to read! Read articles written by women who find that the laws of niddah elevate them. Women are not sex objects to be used by men as it suits the men. A woman is entitled to her personal space, to a time when she and her spouses explore the non-physical parts of their relationship. Is this good for a marriage? I think that today, the divorce rate in the Orthodox community at large is probably a stratospheric… ten to fifteen percent!

Yes, too high, but nowhere near the percentage in the country at large. What explains this low rate? Part of it is that yes, by separating periodically pun intended , a husband and wife maintain their desire for one another. Non-stop accessibility is not ideal for a marriage. However, knowing the colors is a complicated skill that involves significant study under the tutelage of one who already has studied.