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I come from the punk scene and the community there is really strong and when playing shows it is like playing to your friends. There is no hierarchy between bands and the people coming to the shows. That is the way I like it. Being part of an ever-flourishing Swedish scene, what do you think it is that contributes to the growth of extreme music in your country?

Pontus: Maybe inspiration feeds inspiration?

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You formed Agrimonia in fairly modern times, in How has extreme music in Sweden changed in your eyes, since you all started playing in bands and getting involved in the scene in general? Pontus: I think that within the last couple of years, people are getting more excited, energetic and generally positive about music. No complaining about this or that, divisions etc. Great shows all the time, lots of great bands, lots of variety and everyone seems happy about it.

The way it should be. If you could take one moment from the last eight years as a highlight for Agrimonia, what would it and why? Christina: There is so much it is hard to choose!

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But I will always remember when we sent our demo out to see if any label wanted to release it on LP. We got an answer from Kleister at Skuld releases, a D. Y label we have a great respect for, who has released so many good bands. He really liked it and wanted to release it. This was a very important moment for us as a band.

Christina: I think that all countries have their own charm but Germany is really good for touring- you get fed really well, free beers and there is always lots of people at the shows. Call on Hades to help you detach from material needs and desires, people and general situations. He will protect you into a new realm of consciousness, purpose, and understanding.

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Call on Dionysus to release you from emotional and physical anchors or shackles. This includes sexual limitations, of course. Both of these entities can aid in attaining full appreciation for the present moment, and all the elemental paths for experience spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional.

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And they can assist you when you need to perform rites of separation or in learning lessons of detachment. They can help in doing magic of this sort, especially! But they will take their leave as soon as you become too dependent on them, as this is part of their patronage.

Rites of Passage

They both thrive on the apparent paradox of being dependable until one forms a dependency! But they are ultimately very affectionate, gentle, and compassionate with those to whom they build a relationship. Meditation on their dominions, mythic relationships, and origins have helped me reach these conclusions.