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Classical Notes - Classical Classics - Verdi: Otello, By Peter Gutmann

Rage KWD 2 Rage. All the latest offers delivered right to your inbox! And physically, Iwuji is smaller in stature than the Iago of Corey Stoll who seems to tower over him when they are standing side by side. Though there is chemistry between him and his Dedemona, he is never demonstrative enough to make us believe the passion between them. His Othello is never big enough to dominate the play that he is in.

Stoll seems to relish in his lies and manipulations. However, as she is British, she is allowed to use a UK accent, not used by any other member of the cast. Here he seems like an upright man caught in the net of a master con-man. Babak Tafti, though dashing, does not seem to have a definite handle on Michael Cassio so that we never know what kind of man he really is except for his vigorous sword fighting in his two on-stage brawls.

Not the usually common harlot she is described, Perez is both lady-like, strong and bold, and like Emilia giving as good as she gets but in a well-tempered, mannerly way. But, on the other hand, with this cast and production team it ought to have been more powerful. The themes of love, jealousy and racism seem to have been diluted in a misguided attempt to make the play more modern. You will not come away terribly disappointed, just wishing there had been more. Having won two Tony Awards for August Wilson plays, both as an actor and as a director, it may be that Santiago-Hudson is more inventive when it comes to new contemporary plays where he can put his personal stamp on the work.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Soffer works as a professional actor and acting teacher and is the recipient of the Actors' Equity Association Lucy Jordan Humanitarian Award. He also spent two summers with Weston Playhouse in Vermont. Templeton is a graduate of Northwestern University. It isn't often that Iago's ploys win audible gasps of horror from an opening night audience. Though there's never any question of what's going to happen, the show does an impressively effective job of making you hope against hope that Othello will wise up before it's too late.

Marin Theatre Company's new production of Othello scores on all counts, delivering one of Shakespeare's most intense works straight-up and powerful.

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Director Jasson Minadakis has no tricks up his sleeve, nor does he bow to the relevance issue in his concept Minadakis stages closely to the text and lets everything emerge through the language. The focus is the language, and Othello and Iago in their death struggle are given ample space to dwell upon the poetry so that nothing is lost. As myself a yearly attendant at the Oregon Shakespeare Company I have seen, over the years, a number of Othellos.

The Marin Theatre Company's production was far superior to any of the Othellos I had seen in Ashland because both the Othello and Iago were truly equal in acting ability. This gripping and compelling version in Mill Valley so relentlessly draws in the spectator that a silent reaction may take an effort. The story's painstaking exploration of the unleashed demons of carnage, duplicity, and jealousy is intensely heightened by no-holds-barred acting.

That does not preclude using the neoteric lighting, sound and costumes to enhance his themes and structure and Marin Theatre Company MTC has done just that to present a powerful Othello. It also helps, greatly helps, to have a seasoned director of Shakespearean plays to guide the totality to fruition Aldo Billingslea is a great Othello with a reverberating voice, regal stature and complete mastery of Shakespearean verse.

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Craig Marker's performance beautifully matches Billingslea and his "honest" Iago gains the trust of all those around him while masking his villainous nature. His towering performance is the reason to see the production.

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Marin Theatre's production of Othello ignites the theatrical experience, setting Shakespeare's play ablaze with spirited acting and excellent staging. MTC takes audiences down a dire and taxing road, but it's a road they won't regret taking. In bringing this classic Shakespearean tragedy to life, Minadakis has made many strong and bold choices With the strength and skills of his incredible cast, Minadakis was able to pull off his unique vision of Othello.