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At a sprint, she could run full out for short distances at forty to fifty miles per hour, which was what she had planned—to race back to the lake, despite discounting the idea earlier, and then take however long it took to catch her meal. A man standing on a lower ledge off to her right, his hands reaching for his rifle, slung over his shoulder. How could he see her at dusk? He moved quickly as if he was a military man and not just a hunter. Before she could leap at him, he fired a shot, the sound ringing in her ears, echoing across the rocks.

The last thought she had as she collapsed on the rock ledge above him was that she had lived a month longer than she thought she would have ever managed.

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As soon as the she-cat landed on the stone, asleep, hopefully, Chase struggled to reach the ledge she was lying on. But to reach her as a human, he could have used climbing gear. He hated having to shoot her as much as it felt as if he were shooting one of his own people. He had just knocked out a wild cat protecting herself that might have killed him, based on survival instinct alone.

He grasped the top of the ledge, got a couple of toe holds with his boots, and pulled himself halfway up the rock face when he saw a naked woman lying on the granite, her back to him, and his tranquilizer dart in her shoulder. Shocking him to the core, he gaped at her. Holy shit. Silky, dark brown, nearly black hair draped around her neck, the rest of her tan skin covered in chill bumps from the cold. Before he could climb on top of the ledge to reach her, and while he was still processing that the cougar was a shifter, and not a full she-cat, his cell phone rang.

His nerves, normally made of steel, shattered into a million fragments. After rushing to lay it on the ledge and then lifting her onto it, he pulled her arms into the sleeves and then buttoned it up to her throat. He glanced up at the cave above them, assuming she must have been staying there. His breath coming out in a misty fog and his heart pounding hard, he made the rest of the arduous climb to reach the cave to grab her clothes and ID. He stalked inside, using his cell phone to provide some extra light as pitch black as it was in there, and found—nothing.

Not a backpack, not a stitch of clothes. Certainly no ID. And he had to keep her warm until then. Have you discovered anything your way? Cougar Turning, Omaha, Nebraska, not a shifter. These are cougar cubs. But…today I need to pick up chocolate. Need chocolate for inspiration! Any excuse, right??? We had no hope for rain ever, in a million years. I know. Because I looked at the weather report. And it said so. No rain forever and ever and ever. And it rained!!! I took these shots at the Omaha Zoo. Jaguars often pace, and these were just perfect! Cougar, ears to side, they have over two dozen muscles in their ears that help them to focus on sounds and show their expressions.

I have a Nook also. So I always put my books up everywhere, but sometimes it just takes longer for the other vendors to set up the page.

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Then I was trying to figure out how to do that again. I can just imagine how it must be for scientists to accidentally discover something important, and then try to figure out how they did that, and try to recreate it. Quashing swear word. Cougars ears back, supposed to mean aggression, annoyance. Then it was the. The story is exactly the same. I feel it in my bones. Have a super wonderful day. I was beginning to wonder!

I LOVE it when that happens. I wrote 12, words yesterday.

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I love it. But I have to keep stopping to do research like I always do with books and so with this one, I was researching how many miles a human can walk in a day. Did you know that some can walk as many as miles per day?

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Especially carrying a backpack. Take twilight, for instance. I wanted to see exactly what the definition was for twilight. I want the time of day. Give me a break.

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So there you have it. Twilight, time of day. But maybe not! Maybe I will write a book from start to finish in record time. I hope I can this time too! Then he discovers that the sexy she-wolf with the winning ticket is Lori Greypaw—the one woman he could never resist.

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And she has plans for Paul that go way beyond a simple date. Hey Terry! I apologize if this winds up being a repeat. Thank you for both of your replies and your sweet words. Needless to say, I clicked it! Amazon forwards the requests to the publisher. I do enjoy all your Shifters, the Cougars, Jaguars, and Wolves and read all of the books but I have to admit the Cougars and Jaguars have a special place in my heart. Wow, a move huh? That sure can take up a lot of time and energy. When can we expect to see it out?

Oh, super on the link!! We have to write the books a year in advance. I think it will be out in Feb Not positive. Yes, the link is really cool.

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I So, you have to write your books a year in advance? Of course, I read all of the shifter books!

First let me say long time fan and reader. If so will they be out in ? Yes, Fran! Thanks so much. So sorry. I was behind on the white wolf book because of having to write a novella for the re-release of Heart of the Wolf in January, and two other books had to be edited. It will take me two days to proof, then make changes, and the review process is a couple of days. Once I approve it, it will be about days and it will be ready! Thanks so much!!! Sorry for the delay!

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Thank you so much for you wonderful books. They kept me sane when I and my brother was taken care of our Beloved Mom for a year and 9 months. She had a massive stroke that finely took her life. But when she would sleep I would read your books so I would not fall apart. It was very hard to sit and watch her suffer.

I just wanted to say Thank You. Omigosh, thanks so much, Caroline!