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31 Best Warm-Weather Vacations

maipresvigocag.ga Copyright Melanie Allcott. Designed and produced by jwacreative. Wear warm clothing! Although many of us blame our chilly hands and feet on poor circulation it's actually much more to do with not wearing enough warm clothing.

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If we wear the right amount of layers and clothing for where we are and what we're doing, we won't lose body heat and our fingers and toes will stay nice and warm. It's really that simple! Always over-estimate what you'll need and then you can remove layers if it's too much. Wear warm gloves, use mini heat packs in your pockets, pop on a hat.

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Bed socks may not heat things up in the romance department but if you need to, wear them! Keep your home or most-used rooms warm. If you share your home this often means it's battle of the thermostat time!

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Heating is expensive but it's important to be comfortable — I've found that using an oil-filled radiator in the room I'm in can really do the trick. As an aside, did you know that women do biologically tend to feel the cold more than men? Women tend to have less muscle tissue, which generates heat, and oestrogen thickens the blood slightly, which reduces blood flow to the tiny capillaries supplying the extremities. Eat heart-healthy foods. Spice up your life!

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These spices have a range of additional health-boosting properties including reducing inflammation and supporting the digestive system so why not add them to your meals where you can? Sip on warm drinks. Not only will this keep your body a more even temperature, holding a warm cuppa obviously keeps your hands warm too.

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Keep moving. Movement keeps our blood flowing which in turn boosts our body temperature. The gym, running, yoga, etc.


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Have a break from what you're doing, stretch your upper and lower body, pop on those layers, and go for a quick walk around the block. Hand and foot exercises. Instinctively we rub our hands and feet when they're cold but specific exercises can keep them warm and improve our dexterity.

Boreal performs "Warm Hands" by Angie Nussey

Rub your hands together, massage your feet, open and close your fists, circle your wrists, and circle and flex your feet. These are easy exercises to do even when you're desk-bound, or if you have a limited range of movement. Whether it's in your handbag, on your office desk or in the glove compartment of your car, we are dedicated to caring for your hands and nails wherever you go with a delicious dose of rich moisture and delicate perfume.

Smooth this rich and nourishing cream into your hands and nails after cleansing or whenever skin feels dry.


Weekend Warm-Up: Lhotse

When fruit, spices and woods collide, they melt together into a cosseting blend that's as smooth as velvet and unapologetically feminine. Succulent, fleshy peach and sweet, jammy raspberry contrast perfectly with powdery violets and blamy coconut, all wrapped up in a warming accord of vanilla, cinnamon, amber and sandalwood.

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  4. Lashes on, hair down and makeup turned to the max: romance is in the air, and tonight it's laced with every flirty ingredient imaginable. Please check message and name for all personalised items thoroughly as once printed, we are unable to accept changes, amends or returns unless faulty or damaged.